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Continuing Our Memories

Kaitlyn Christian

When I first came to UNCW I did not intend on being a COM major. I was taking COM 105 to fulfill a requirement for my minor, but in the process I realized the COM department was where I was meant to be. The courses were relevant and beneficial not only then, but now. I often recall what I learned as a COM major and apply it to my current situation. The COM major was well designed in its approach. The core classes were helpful and necessary, even if I did not see it at the time, the electives allowed plenty of room for me to explore my areas of interest, and the capstone course was the perfect way to wrap up all that I had learned throughout my time as a COM student. Capstone was by far one of the best courses I have ever taken. Professor Trimble afforded us the opportunity to assemble a professional portfolio and conduct a killer interview, all while building our confidence.  I owe a great deal to the COM department. The courses and the professors in the COM department provided me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in any endeavor I pursue, and for that I am forever grateful

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Jill Capadanno

I wanted to seize opportunities to diversify myself and join groups and activities outside of Lutze Hall. With COM as my major at UNCW, I was able to excel in my course load while still having time to fulfill my roles as a TealTV reporter, Swim Club president, CSS publicity chair and National Anthem singer for all of the home baseball games. I was able to be a participant in project protégé. I was connected with an internship at WWAY Channel 3 News. I helped organize Rock for a Cure, COM studies day, and several other events both on and off campus. I was able to establish a professional relationship with professors who later become key sources in recommendation letters. I was constantly challenging myself both inside and outside of the classroom. The COM department at UNCW recognizes that you must not plateau. You must not limit yourself. You must carry yourself beyond any limitations that may stunt your professional and personal growth. I was able to poise myself with confidence in interviews even when my career path seemed trivial and, at times, non-existent. I was able believe in my education, talents and abilities. I was able to succeed. 

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Brandon Noel

This is the thing; you won’t really know, or appreciate, how good your education was until after it’s done. I remember being in my corporate job and assigned communication projects that entailed Junior year course level work - and I was far ahead of some of my peers. I attribute a lot of my successes as a communicator to UNCW and the quality of the education I received.  Even though you will want to curse their very names at times,  the professors are awesome.  Take advantage to their knowledge!  I promise you, it will pay off.


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Andrew Knoble

My experience within the Communication Studies program is one that I will never forget.  It was much more than the course work that I found valuable, but the people that I met along the way.  The relationships I built with professors and fellow students are those that I will cherish forever; many of which I still maintain to this day.  There were lessons I learned during my time in the program that I continue to use and refine in my career; lessons such as independence, teamwork, and self-motivation.

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Bradley Cotton

I had a really great experience with COM studies. I naturally fell into it when I met one of the professors. I feel like there were a lot of insights about myself that I learned through the course of study, such as when we did the Myers Briggs personality test in the interpersonal com class. That gave me a lot of direction and focus as I set out on a career path. I learned a lot about communicating in other cultures with the intercultural course I took. This was particularly beneficial to me since I double majored in Spanish. The performance classes have really given me a leg up for leading meetings and organizations and from time to time being on camera. I really enjoyed my time and would highly recommend the program.

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