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Jamie Mangold

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"I feel so honored to have received a COM Studies departmental scholarship during my senior year at UNCW. As an out of state student, this scholarship gave me the opportunity to make the most out of my college experience. In my time as a Communication Studies major at UNCW, I learned to balance being a Track and Field/Cross Country student-athlete, a student leader on campus, and an intern the UNCW Athletic Department. Some of my most valuable experiences, though, came from the upper level IMC and Advertising courses where I had the opportunity to work directly with clients on projects that made a real difference at the university and in the community. I learned practical skills that I use on a daily basis now in order to be successful as a Graduate Assistant for Student Learning and Engagement at the University of Florida. These skills will continue to help me as I pursue my Master’s degree in Sport Management, and ultimately work in the realm of college athletics and higher education."

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