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Continuing Our Memories


Bradley Cotton


I had a really great experience with COM studies. I naturally fell into it when I met one of the professors. I feel like there were a lot of insights about myself that I learned through the course of study, such as when we did the Myers Briggs personality test in the interpersonal com class. That gave me a lot of direction and focus as I set out on a career path. I learned a lot about communicating in other cultures with the intercultural course I took. This was particularly beneficial to me since I double majored in Spanish. The performance classes have really given me a leg up for leading meetings and organizations and from time to time being on camera. I really enjoyed my time and would highly recommend the program.

What area/classes did you focus on while you were in COM?

Television production and on-camera performance.

What do you miss most about being a COM student?

I miss the challenge of being under the gun to perform, memorizing lines and essentially producing a televised product.

What is one piece of advice you would give yourself if you could go back?

At the time, the television production/performance was not designated as a "track" and although I wouldn't necessarily have changed taking those courses, in some ways I feel like it would look better to have been on a Marketing/PR/Mass Comm track as perhaps there was a more in-depth and comprehensive approach to these areas.




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