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Continuing Our Memories


Kathleen King

My overall experience in the COM department was great, the professors are interesting and engaging, the class selection is always hard to choose from, and I would say it prepares you pretty well for the job hunt. I remember not being able to decide what classes to take because there were so many options I was interested in and all my favorite professors were teaching them. Being involved with CSS was also a big part of what made my time in the COM department so memorable. I was able to meet COM alumni, network, be involved in the fashion show, and get one on one help with my resume. Going into COM, I had no idea what I wanted to do but thankfully with all the opportunities it afforded, I realized you can really do anything!

What area/classes did you focus on while you were in COM?

My main focus was Family Communication while I was at UNCW. I believe I took every Family Communication class I could! The subject was always interesting to me and I deal with so many families at work on a regular basis that I thought it would be beneficial. It has really helped me to communicate with the many different types of families I see and interact with.

What do you miss most about being a COM student?

That is a tough question. I would have to say I miss all the opportunities that came with being a COM student. There was always something going on! I was involved with CSS so that alone brought so many opportunities to meet people, practice networking, learn about proper interview attire and etiquette, and of course perfect your resume!

What is one piece of advice you would give yourself if you could go back?

Take more marketing and PR! You can never go wrong with knowing as much as possible in either of these fields! In the nonprofit world you end up doing a little bit of everything and I am always wishing I had taken PR 2 and at least some marketing or graphic design.

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